Below are the reason why you need a business website for your business.

  1. Search Engine Domination

If you get your clients from family and friends (and you know how limited that is) then you are missing out on big potential clients online. This is the 21st century and that means that big chunk of your clients should come from online. Let’s say you are a graphics designer or a filmmaker based in Abuja. Will people find your business when they search “graphic designers in Abuja or “filmmakers in Abuja. The only way you can start getting these potential clients is if you have a website. A good business website and a good landing page make it possible for people to find you online and connect with you. Social media can’t give you that. If you have only social media accounts, the only way your name will rank on Search Engines is if the searcher typed your name or your business. But how will they know your business or your name when they don’t even know you.

  1. Online Business Profile and Brochure.

Somebody can learn everything about a business by just visiting their business website. We know how costly and time consuming is it, printing those flashy business profiles and brochures and then distributing them to potential customers. A good website cut all those costs and time and give the business owner a one-stop place to write everything he/she wants customers to know about their business.

  1. Your Website Works for You Even After you’ve Closed Shop.

Even when you are done for the day, a business website keeps working for you. Somebody can find you online in that period and that means more business and more revenue.


  1. Online Portfolio.

Whatever you do having the portfolio of your works online is good for you and your business. Let us use the example of the graphics designer again. As a graphics designer, would you rather have all your portfolio online and just give potential clients the link to the site or print hundreds of it and carry it everywhere you go? Have your portfolio online saves you time and money and it’s better and easier for customers instead of giving them printed materials that will crowd their space.

  1. More Customers (A business website allows you to target a wider audience)

The internet has over 3 billion users and each of them can have access to your business if you have a website. A graphic designer based in Abuja can easily work for a client in Lagos or anywhere in the world. A website gives you a wider audience to explore.

  1. Business Value and Credibility.

A website instantly gives you credibility and value. Once someone searches for the solution of a problem online and find your business, they respect your business because you have something that can solve their problem. Again, if I have a case in the court and I need a law firm that will represent me. I have an option of two law firms, one has a website and the other does not. With these two options, I would be tempted to choose the one with a website. The fact that they have a website seemed that they are sophisticated more the other firm which might not be true. But they have a website and to every other person, they are more sophisticated.

The internet has made it easier to market our products and services. With a website, you can achieve better results with your marketing because you can be more organized. You can tell potential customers where you want them to go, what you want them to read and how your products and services can help them in solving their problem. With the internet, you can also target any kind customers you want to target; customers that you know will need your products and services.

  1. Have More Influence.

Billions of people are searching the web every day and if you can provide them with solutions to their problem, that means that you have been able to solve their problem and in so doing, you have more influence over them.

  1. Customer Support.

A website works for you 24/7 and that means your customers can ask questions about your business any time of the day and find answers (ie if you have a good session for FAQs and a good ticketing system.)

  1. Have Your Own Domain Name Email.

Your,, are not professionals and every other person is using it. To stand out and really be different you need to have your own With a domain and a website of your own, you can create an unlimited email with your domain.

  1. Keep Your Customers and General Public Informed.

A website makes it easy for press releases. Instead of paying hundreds of thousands or even millions to the traditional media outlet about your latest products or changes in the previous one, you can simply post it through your web channels and inform your customers.

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